CEECG has become the regional investigator of choice for a number of leading international law firms, investment banks and private equity companies. CEECG’s corporate investigations are conducted using a combination of open source and semi-open source research and discreet human source enquiries through CEECG’s extensive regional and global contact networks. We provide clients with the data they need to assess investment opportunities and prepare risk profiles; to answer regulatory concerns, as well as prepare legal proceedings.

Clients require:

  • Full disclosure for effective decision making
  • Intelligence for accurate valuation and the upper hand in negotiation
  • Identification of risks associated with potential business partners or clients
  • Confirmation that investment or acquisition criteria are fulfilled
  • Verification of compliance with international anti-corruption legislation
  • Support for legal proceedings

We provide information on companies:

  • Corporate record retrieval and analysis
  • Confirmation of physical presence of registered offices, branches and subsidiaries
  • Litigation and legal profile
  • Solvency and credit profile
  • Internet profile analysis
  • Regulatory and licencing checks
  • General reputational enquiries

We provide information on individuals:

  • Residence and property ownership checks
  • Multi-language media summary and analysis
  • Litigation and legal profile
  • Employment and educational verification
  • Internet profile analysis
  • Social and professional network analysis
  • Assessment of political affiliations
  • Regulatory and licencing checks
  • Global sanctions checks
  • General reputational enquiries


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