Our compliance investigations represent a comprehensive and reliable verification of compliance with international anti-corruption legislation. Any potential evidence of fraud, corruption, malpractice or political exposure will be revealed by our investigations.

CEECG can guarantee that compliance risk is minimal if no improprieties are discovered during  our enquiries.

The intelligence gathered during our investigations also offers insights into all aspects of public and private reputation. Our full profiles reveal the sources of wealth, and political affiliations of executives. 

During the last decade, the US government has taken an increasingly aggressive stance on policing American enterprises as well as their foreign interests and partners. This has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in fines and a number of high profile criminal cases.

FCPA prosecutions are only the most prominent aspect of the global drive against corruption. With the 2010 UK Bribery Act subsequently adding to the regulatory imperative, concern is increasing among international business that potentially non-compliant, suppliers, subsidiaries, clients, or partners may pose a significant risk.


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