CEECG conducts background screening into potential employment candidates, normally at management level but sometimes for lower level positions that have additional security clearance requirements.

Such assignments cover all of the same open and human source services as basic or enhanced due diligence assignments, but also include the verification of all employment positions, education qualifications and professional memberships listed on the candidate’s CV. In addition, some assignments also include the verification of personal details such as the candidate’s residential address and national ID number.

More in-depth background screening assignments can also include an assessment of the candidate’s net-worth and would therefore extend to property ownership research and, in the few jurisdictions where such checks are legally permitted, an assessment of the candidate’s income.

We provide information on individuals:

  • Residence and property ownership checks
  • Multi-language media summary and analysis
  • Litigation and legal profile
  • Employment and educational verification
  • Internet profile analysis
  • Social and professional network analysis
  • Assessment of political affiliations
  • Regulatory and licencing checks
  • Global sanctions checks
  • General reputational enquiries

Most importantly, CEECG offers clients an insight into the modus operandi and integrity of individuals; to resolve whether they are someone our clients will be able to build a long-term relationship with.


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